MinistrY TEAMS

In addition to our community groups, we have several ministry teams that work together to help facilitate the Sunday worship service each week. If you're interested in volunteering, we have several opportunities to serve at Liberti Church. Just let us know how you're interested in serving, and we'll help you find a good place on one of our teams.

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    Worship Team

    The worship team arranges and leads musical worship at each Sunday service. The audio-visual team is also part of the worship team, and they maintain and operate the sound equipment and lyric slides.

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    Finance Team

    The finance team prepares the annual budget, handles regular accounting tasks, and makes sure the bills are paid each week.

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    Greeting Team

    The greeting team welcome worship service attendees, distributes the weekly bulletin, and answers newcomers' questions.

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    Cleaning Team

    The cleaning team performs a thorough washing and disinfecting of the facilities each week before the Sunday worship service.

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    Liberti Kids Team

    The Liberti Kids team consists of teachers and helpers who provide a fun and welcoming environment to help children to confidently interpret the world and their experiences through a biblical framework.

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